There are many ways to buy recreational marijuana. There are a range of shops, varieties, styles, brands, and ways to smoke or consume marijuana? it can be a bit overwhelming when you first go to a marijuana dispensary. Nonetheless, when you first go to buy marijuana, there are three things you completely need to know.

1st * Minors in retail stores are not allowed at all. You’re not leaving the building if you’re not 21 or older. They’re looking for Identification, so make sure you’ve got your photo ID set. Note, legal marijuana meets many of the same laws as sales of alcohol. Just as in order to buy a6-pack you need a driver’s license, you need an ID to buy a joint.

2nd * Provide money. Since cannabis is still illegal at the federal level, marijuana sellers are unable to use electronic forms of payment. It limits the banking options of the shop, so to buy the yellow you must have some red. Many retailers have on-site ATMs, but there’s a small fee to use them like all ATMs outside of your branch.

3rd * Ask for assistance. You don’t know what to buy? Were you going to get an indica or sativa? Vapor or pipe? Attached or edible? Where are you going to start? Only ask the question. All Spokane’s stores know their brand inside and outside, and they want you to have the best possible experience. As they’re called, Budtenders will tell you what type of high you’re looking for and why you’re smoking. Are you having fun smoking? Do you try to sleep? Such kinds of questions. From there, different products can be recommended and you can set up with all the right supplies. Just ask the question.


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